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Find and Buy AEG Cooker Hood Parts and Filters

Contain those cooking smells and replace the cooker hood filters. We've got AEG replacement grease filters, carbon or charcoal filters and new lamps and bulbs - in case you've been cooking in the dark.

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So why buy from us?

By buying directly from us, the manufacturer, you can be confident you're getting quality, genuine, AEG parts at prices that are hard to beat. If you want the best for your cooker hood don't be tempted to buy lower quality 'pattern' copies - they won't last as long, they may not fit properly and they may even cause further damage to your cooker hood later on down the line.

All of the replacement spare parts that we supply are of at least as good quality as the original ones that came with your extractor in the first place.

On many occasions they may even have been improved upon, as we know you want ongoing professional performance.

Featured Products

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Universal Extendable Oven Shelf

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SteelCare Spray Stainless Steel Cleaner - 500ml

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Elica Model 15 Cooker Hood Carbon Filter

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Cooker Hood Complete Halogen Lamp

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11W Cooker Hood Lamp

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MICRO WIZARD Microfibre Cloth - 50289038007
An all purpose reusable microfibre cleaning cloth. Made of top-quality fibres, 250 times finer than a human hair, ensuring a deep cleanin...
Part number : 50289038007
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Cooker Hood Main Motor Slider Button - 50247021004
This switch cover is used for switching on and selecting the speed of your cooker hood fan. If it breaks you may find it tricky to switch...
Part number : 50247021004
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Cooker Hood Light Diffusers - 50248796000
This is a pack of 2 clear plastic oval lamp covers to fit many of our cooker hoods.
Part number : 50248796000
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Cooker Hood Filter Cover Handle - 50262534006
This handle is for the cover for the metal grease filter in your cooker hood. It allows you access to clean and replace the filter....
Part number : 50262534006
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Cooker Hood Grease Filter - 50290448005
This fat filter protects your kitchen by absorbing grease from cooking, whilst keeping the air clean and healthy.
Part number : 50290448005
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Cooker Hood Carbon Filter - 3918342035
Carbon filters are an essential part to maintaining the upkeep and ventilation of your cooker hood. They ensure your kitchen is free from...
Part number : 3918342035
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Universal Cooker Hood Filter Kit - 50294577007
These high quality charcoal and grease filters help protect your kitchen by absorbing cooking odours, moisture and grease. Filters measur...
Part number : 50294577007
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Microswitch - 3254264306
This is a replacement microswitch for your appliance.
Part number : 3254264306
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Cooker Hood Outlet Vent Hose Connector - 3254299401
This replacement hose connector is for the outlet vent of your cooker hood.
Part number : 3254299401
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20 Watt Halogen Oven Light Transformer - 3871759019
Ensure your oven's light doesn't receive too much power and cause it to blow with this replacement transformer. Transformers change the e...
Part number : 3871759019
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Cooker Hood Capacitor - 70F - 3871830018
Capacitors are used to give the motor in your cooker hood a kick-start. A faulty capacitor means the motor is unlikely to start up; fortu...
Part number : 3871830018
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Cooker Hood Motor - 3872230002
If there is no longer any ventilation running through your cooker hood then the motor may be faulty. By replacing it, and regularly clean...
Part number : 3872230002
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Hob Terminal Block - 3890063013
Terminal blocks are used to connect the power cord to the appliance, giving it it's full functioning condition. A faulty terminal block m...
Part number : 3890063013
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Cooker Hood Carbon Filter - 3890490000
Carbon filters are an essential part to maintaining the upkeep and ventilation of your cooker hood. They ensure your kitchen is free from...
Part number : 3890490000
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Cooker Hood Long Belt - 3898629005
Worn or snapped belts can make it difficult for the fans to turn in your cooker hood, which means the extraction process can't happen pro...
Part number : 3898629005
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Cooker Hood Catch Lever - 3914179001
This catch holds the protection plate in place, where the light bulbs are housed.
Part number : 3914179001
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Cooker Hood Switch - 3918218011
This switch sits on control panel of your cooker hood and activates the fan.
Part number : 3918218011
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Cooker Hood Bayonet Circular Inlet Ring - 3918245014
This is the circular bayonet ring that fits underneath the motor fan in your cooker hood.
Part number : 3918245014
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Cooker Hood Draught Valve - 3918311014
This semi-circular flap on the top of your cooker hood. It covers one of the air channel holes, where the air is exiting the appliance....
Part number : 3918311014
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