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Find and Buy AEG Cooker, Oven and Hob Parts

Whether it's an oven element or a shelf that needs replacing, or perhaps you just want to smarten up your cooker if it's missing a control knob - whatever the spare parts you need you can buy them here, direct from us at AEG.

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So why buy from us?

By buying directly from us, the manufacturer, you can be confident you're getting quality, genuine, AEG parts at prices that are hard to beat. If you want the best for your washing machine don't be tempted to buy lower quality 'pattern' copies - they won't last as long, they may not fit properly and they may even cause further damage to your washer later on down the line.

All of the replacement spare parts that we supply are of at least as good quality as the original ones that came with your machine in the first place.

On many occasions they may even have been improved upon, as we know you want ongoing professional performance.

What part do you need? Watch our video:

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Universal Extendable Oven Shelf

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Magic Plate

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E14 40 Watt Lamp

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Hob Cleaning Kit - 9029794428
Care for your hob with this kit of essential cleaning products especially designed to clean and protect vetroceramic, induction and glass...
Part number : 9029794428
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Kitchen Cleaning Kit - 9029794626
These specially formulated care and maintenance products will have your kitchen grease and grime free in no time.This kit contains:Ov...
Part number : 9029794626
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Hotplate Protection Rack - 3051052284
This part fits around 1 full side of the hob and bends around to hook over 2 corners. If your part has become damaged, this replacement i...
Part number : 3051052284
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2000 Watt Large Hotplate Heating Element - 220mm - 3051735029
There's no more need to worry about your pots and pans usage any longer as this replacement large hotplate heating element will get your ...
Part number : 3051735029
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1500 Watt Front Right Hand Hotplate Heating Element - 3800155024
If one of your hotplate heating elements has stopped working, then you aren't making full use of your appliance. This replacement part wi...
Part number : 3800155024
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1500 Watt Hob Hotplate Heating Element - 180mm - 3800158028
Ensure you can make full use of the hotplates on your hob by replacing the faulty element.1500 watt400 voltDiameter: 180mm...
Part number : 3800158028
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High Grade Steel Oven Shelf - 3870290016
This grill grid measures 426 x 357.4mm and it’s an excellent solution for adding extra shelf space or replacing an oven shelf.
Part number : 3870290016
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Oven Shelf - 3878861016
If you need to replace your old oven shelf or simply need more shelf space in your oven, this could be just what you're looking for. This...
Part number : 3878861016
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1500 Watt Hotplate Heating Element - 3890855012
Get back to using all of your hobs hotplates again with this replacement heating element.1500 wattsDiameter: 180mm...
Part number : 3890855012
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2000 Watt Electric Hotplate - 3890855038
If one of the hotplates on your electric hob is no longer heating up properly, it can be replaced. This replacement element has the follo...
Part number : 3890855038
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Magic Plate - 4055066171
Grill, bake and fry inside your oven without stains and odours. Made of aluminium alloy the iPinium plate absorbs heat which is released ...
Part number : 4055066171
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Bell Silicone Baking Mould - 50279005008
Silicone bell shaped mould for fast, even, no grease baking. The flexibility of the silicone enables easy turn out without requiring grea...
Part number : 50279005008
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Silicone Cooking Mat - 50281315007
Made of 100% silicone suitable for cooking with electric, gas or microwave ovens. Naturally non stick, there is no need to grease bef...
Part number : 50281315007
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Ceramic Hob Scraper Replacement Blades - Pack of 10 - 50284158008
A pack of 10 replacement blades for your ceramic hob top scraper. Removes burnt on food residue and stubborn stains easily and without ri...
Part number : 50284158008
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Silicone Oven Glove - 50284163008
This silicone oven glove provides protection for hands against temperatures up to 300°C while in contact with hot pots and pans, hot food...
Part number : 50284163008
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OvenCare Cream Oven Cleaner - 250ml - 50284825002
Cream cleaner with non-irritant formula for perfect deep cleaning of your oven. This oven cleaner dissolves grease and removes burnt on f...
Part number : 50284825002
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Satin Metal Egg Cooking Timer - 50286479006
This satin finished metal cooking timer will look stylish in any kitchen. Simply turn the clockwise to the 60 minute marker, then turn an...
Part number : 50286479006
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