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To view compatible accessories and spare parts you need to specify your product using the PNC-number

How do I find my product number (PNC)?


Are you trying to find spares parts for the CX7-2-45AN vacuum cleaner. Click the button or drop down menu to view our handy part diagram locator and choose your spares.

If this model number has more than one product number or PNC associated, please follow these two easy steps:

  1. Get the product number / PNC located on your appliance

    How do I find my product number (PNC)?

  2. Select the product number or PNC number in the drop down menu to view all compatible parts and part diagrams

CX7-2-45AN Spare Parts

Here, you can buy all parts and accessories to your CX7-2-45AN vacuum cleaner including tubes, hoses, nozzles and handles. To only see the parts that fit your vacuum cleaner, please click on your product / pnc number to view all compatible parts.

CX7-2-45AN Part Diagrams

Exploded views and part diagrams are available for free so that you can easily find the vacuum cleaner parts you need. We sell over 100,000 parts in the webshop but if your spare isn't available to buy online, you will always be able to order it over the phone instead.

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